Former US President’s Chef Will Use Lottery Money for Feeding the Homeless

When asked – ‘What would you do with your prize money’, most would want to buy the luxuries they could not afford to invest the funds for future prosperity. You won’t find too many charitable people who would want to do something for the benefit of the others. There is one such soul that the world has recently come to know of.

The Story of a Chef

Roberto Mendoza recently had the good fortune of winning USD 2,50,000 in the North Carolina Education Lottery. He has cooked for various American Presidents as well as international royalty, catered for Academy Awards, hosted celebrity dinners, run a restaurant of his own and is currently working with Sysco Food Service.

Not having been very lucky in the past, he did not expect to win anything, but it was his mom who had an intuition that he would win a lottery. So, he went ahead and bought a scratch ticket from the local vendor. And sure enough, as he scratched out the numbers, they revealed that he was the last of the six winners to get the top prize of USD 2,50,000.

He has seen tough times in the past and understands the struggle that the homeless and the poor have to go through. He has been through days when he did not have food or water. He even got kidnapped as a result of which he landed in Canada after he was rescued. Then, he enrolled for a culinary course and from then on, he has been feeding a large number of people as a career choice.

He had promised himself that he would do something for the needy to ensure that no one goes to sleep hungry. He cooks for the homeless and has been running a program called The Chef Heaven’s Kitchen to raise funds for a small village located in the Dominican Republic. He started working at a cafeteria in the village three years ago. This place is to be a place where the poor and the homeless can get a hearty meal in a clean and safe environment.

Today, he wants to share his good fortune with the homeless to fulfil this long-standing ambition. Now that he has sufficient funds, even after paying his taxes, he can finish the work at the cafeteria and fulfil the promise he had once made to himself.

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Author: John