More nursing students arrive at Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health

2018 Nipissing University Distant Learning Program

Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health, in Goderich, and Nipissing University are once again collaborating to provide placement for community projects as part of the Nipissing University Distance Learning Program.

This semester, a registered nurse and vice-president of the Gateway board of directors, Gwen Devereaux is mentoring two nursing students.

“We are very happy to assist our nursing students this year,” Devereaux said. “Gateway’s mission is to improve the health and quality of life of rural residents through research, education and communication. We are always interested in researching health issues relevant to our local community members. There is no better way than to assist our local health-care professionals to advance their education. Once again we have two very bright students and we are delighted to help.”

This is the third cohort of nursing students that Gateway has hosted. Devereaux stated she really enjoys assisting these ambitious and dedicated students who are working full time in our communities and at the same time, carrying out a study and placement program, that over five years will lead to a bachelor of science in nursing (BScN).

The two nursing students are:

Holly Al graduated from HealthKick’s local practical nursing program and began her nursing career in 2010 as a registered practical nurse (RPN) in Wingham & District Hospital. “The fact that I would be able to pursue a college education in a field I loved and was passionate about was very important,” Al said. “Being able to obtain my education locally was extremely instrumental in where I am today. To further develop my nursing career while working with the Listowel Wingham Hospitals Alliance, I returned to school to obtain my nursing degree (BScN Distance Learning Program) at Nipissing University. The opportunity to work with Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health to complete part of my program locally, means everything.”

Stefani Hickmott is currently working on her third year of the bachelor of nursing degree from Nipissing University.

“I completed a bachelor of health science (2005) from Western University and the practical nursing program (2013) from Georgian College, through HealthKick in Huron County. I am currently working as a RPN at AMGH (Alexandra Marine and General Hospital) while completing my community nursing semester. I am excited to be working for four months with Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health.”


Author: John