Odisha labourer learns Malayalam, scores 100% in Kerala literacy exam

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alayalam is the mother tongue of Keralites, and it’s a tough language to learn, full of tongue twisters. So how did a labourer from Odisha score full marks in a Kerala literacy exam?

Mudad Revathi, a migrant labourer hailing from Odisha, who works at a garment-making unit at the IT hub Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram, managed to master the classical language of Malayalam in a short span of time and went on to score the highest mark in a literacy examination.

Besides her, Viki Kumar, a worker from Bihar, also scored 100 per cent marks in the same exam.

What did the Kerala literacy exam comprise?

The 100-mark literacy exam conducted by the state-run Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority was activity oriented, giving a thrust on reading, writing and arithmetical skills.

The results of the literacy exam were announced on Monday. Revathi, Viki and several other migrant workers from different states, had recently appeared for the exam.

How did the Odisha labourer learn Malayalam so quickly?

The state-run Kerala State Literacy Mission runs the ‘Changathi’ programme to help impart Malayalam and basic education among migrant labourers who arrived in Kerala seeking green pastures.

Revathi had been learning Malayalam for a while here. “I tried to spend at least two hours to learn Malayalam every night after my work,” she said.

90-year-olds score high with Kerala literacy projects

Proving that age is no barrier for learning, 90-year-oldMythili, a native of a fishing hamlet in Kozhikode, has secured full marks as part of ‘Aksharasagaram’, another flagship initiative of the Mission to eradicate illiteracy among fisherfolk in Kerala.

A total of 8,605 neo-literates have won various examinations under different projects, Mission Director PS Sreekala said.

Recently, Karthyayani Amma, a 96 year-old neo-literate had hit the headlines by scoring 98 marks out of 100 under the ‘Aksharalaksham’ project.

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Besides ‘Changathi’ and ‘Aksharasagaram’, the Mission has also conducted examinations under the ‘Navachetana’ and ‘Samagra’ programmes, envisaged to educate backward classes and tribals respectively, the release added.


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