Bihar Board Releases Answer Key For Simultala Awasiya Vidyalya Entrance Exam

Bihar Board Releases Answer Key For Simultala Awasiya Vidyalya Entrance Exam

Bihar Board Releases Answer Key For Simultala Awasiya Vidyalya Entrance Exam

New Delhi: 

Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has released the answer key for the Preliminary Entrance Exam conducted for admission to Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya. The entrance exam for admission to class 6 was conducted on December 3, 2018. The answer key link will remain active on the website till December 10, 2018 in which time students will also be able to submit their objections, if any.

The answer key has been released for all question paper booklets (A, B, C, and D). In case of any objection, either on the questions or answer key, students can follow the steps given below to submit their objection:

Step one: Go to Bihar Board’s official website:

Step two: Click on the ‘Objection Panel for Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya, Simultala, Jamui Entrance (Preliminary) Examination 2019’ link.

Step three: Submit objection on the question paper or answer key on the objection panel.

Students should submit their objections by December 10. Any request for submission of objection after the last date will not be entertained by the board.

Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya is an initiative by the Bihar Government to make quality education available to students from underprivileged background. The school has produced many toppers in the past years. In 2018 too, all three state board toppers in the matric exam were from the Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya.


Government of India and Asian Development Bank collaborate for three projects

The Government of India takes initiative to develop water supply, sewerage, and drainage infrastructure in at least 10 cities in the State of Tamil Nadu.

The government of India and the Asian Development Bank (ABD) signs three separate loans in one day of worth USD 574 million in the capital of India to support the projects India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) in India, wat

  • Eatablished in 2006, IIFCL also referred as SIFTI, is a government of India company.
  • IIFCL provides financial assistance to the infrastructural sub-sectors listed by the government or the RBI which broadly include transportation, energy, water, sanitation, communication, social, and commercial infrastructure
  • The ADB and the government signed a loan agreement of USD 300 million to support IIFCL
  • This project is believed to enhance the availability of long-term finance for PPP projects, improve the operational capacity of IIFCL, and expand the portfolio of infrastructure financing instruments available to IIFCL
  • IIFC has also made a contribution of Rs 300 crore to the National Sports Development Fund (NSDF)
  • This contribution is being utilized for the promotion of sports in the disciplines like Badminton, Archery and Para Sports.
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of India signed a USD 169 million loan as the first tranche of a USD 500 million multi-tranche financing to develop climate-resilient water supply, sewerage, and drainage infrastructure in at least 10 cities in the state of Tamil Nadu.
  • The state has faced recurring droughts and erratic monsoons in the recent past resulting in severe water scarcity and urban flooding.
  • ADB’s support will help address these complex urban challenges through innovative and climate-resilient investment and deeper institutional support
  • The program will develop climate-resilient sewerage collection and treatment and drainage systems in 10 cities
  • It will also help in installing country’s first solar-powered sewage treatment plant
  • Introduction of smart water management systems will help reduce non-revenue water and strengthen operational efficiency
  • Around four million people will benefit from piped water and sewerage connections, and improved drainage
  • The program will boost institutional capacity, public awareness, and urban governance as a part of a comprehensive approach for developing livable cities.
  • The ADB signed a USD 105 million loan to continue financing the transmission system upgrades in Himachal Pradesh for increased supply of hydropower to the state and the national grid
  • The tranche 3 loan is part of the USD 350 million multi-tranche financing facility (MFF) for Himachal Pradesh Clean Energy Transmission Investment Program approved by the ADB Board in September 2011
  • The program is aimed at developing and expanding the transmission network to remove clean and renewable power generated from the state’s hydropower sources to load centers within and outside the state
  • It also supports the institutional capacity development of the state transmission utility, Himachal Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Limited (HPPTCL), as the executing agency for this project.


Study In UK: Apply For 2019 Commonwealth Master’s, Ph.D Scholarship

Study In UK: Apply For 2019 Commonwealth Master's, Ph.D Scholarship

Study Abroad, Study In UK:2019 Commonwealth Scholarship

New Delhi: Indian nationals who wish to pursue Master’s and Doctoral programme at any UK University listed with the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) can apply for ‘2019 Commonwealth Scholarship In The United Kingdom’. The scholarships are offered by the CSC UK for Master’s and Ph.D enrollment commencing from September/ October, 2019. Candidates can apply till January 17, 2019 through MHRD portal. Candidates should also apply through Commonwealth Scholarship Commission’s Electronic Application System before December 19.

Study In UK: Scholarship Options For Students From India

‘The applicant must not be registered for a Ph.D, or an MPhil leading to a PhD, at a UK university or India university or elsewhere before September/ October 2019,’ reads the official notice released by the MHRD. Applicants must have obtained the qualifying degree before October 2019, which is Bachelor’s degree for Master’s programme and Master’s degree for Ph.D enrollment.

The scholarship will be available for the given themes: science and technology for development; strengthening health systems and capacity; promoting global prosperity; strengthening global peace; security and governance; strengthening resilience and response to crises; access, inclusion and opportunity.

The duration of the Master’s course will be one year and the doctoral programme will be of 3-4 years duration.


Top 5 must-knows for education loan tax deduction

Gaurav Aggarwal

Education plays a crucial role in the economic development of all societies. While there is a universal acknowledgement to the need for public funding of primary and secondary education, public funding of higher education in a developing country like India is not feasible.

Thus, recognising the importance of higher education and the role of institutional funding to deal with rising cost of higher education, the policymakers came out with tax deduction on education loans under Section 80E.

The objective was to relieve interest burden from education loan borrowers through tax incentives. However, to claim the tax deduction, the borrowers have to meet certain conditions.

Here is a list of ‘must-knows’ regarding tax deduction on education loans:

Principal component does not qualify for tax deduction:

Borrowers often misunderstand tax exemption provisions available on education loan. This stems from tax exemptions available on home loan where both principal and interest components of EMIs qualify for tax deductions under Section 80C and 24b, respectively.


Cable companies are looking for ways to limit password sharing

Cable companies are over people sharing logins with all their friends and family. As first spotted by Bloomberg, Charter CEO Tom Rutledge said at the annual UBS conference this month: “There’s lots of extra streams, there’s lots of extra passwords, there’s lots of people who could get free service.”

Charter has made cracking down on password sharing a priority during negotiations with channel providers. Bloomberg reports that the company requested Viacom help limit password sharing by reducing the number of simultaneous streams allowed on its apps. Rutledge tells Bloomberg that channel owners bear most of the blame for the current cable situation. They don’t secure their apps and, he says, “they devalued their own product in a dramatic way.”

Meanwhile, ESPN tells Bloomberg it wants to work with channel distributors to verify subscribers whenever there are a large number of people streaming through the channel’s app.


The Next 10 Things Small Business Owners Should Do For Social Media Success

10 Actionable Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners

Social media is a tricky business. It seems so simple on the face of it and you may have launched your business profiles thinking that everything would take off if you only started posting. Sadly, that is rarely the case and many small business owners have hit their head against the wall trying to make headway, without any real results.

Don’t worry, it isn’t nearly as mysterious as you may be fearing. While social media has a tendency to change and adapt to new trends and features, not to mention shift with the way that users themselves choose to use it, there are some actionable social media tips that you can put into play right this second to begin seeing results.

Actionable Social Media Tips

Hire a Social Media Manager

This may seem like trite advice but it is actually a really good strategy. Not to run your social media campaigns, but to teach you how to do it. Here is what you do: put out an ad for a temporary social media manager.

Set the contract for as long as your budget allows and specify that part of the job will be setting up a campaign and showing you how to continue it once the contract ends. Watch the steps carefully because that is how you will learn.

Use a Productive Social Media Scheduling Solution

Yes, you need to be there interacting with your social media community on a regular basis, but there’s other work to be done too! You cannot quit everything and just socialize (especially if you cannot afford to hire a social media manager just yet).

So what you do? Scheduling social media updates is the answer. You can even schedule social media updates 6 or 12 months ahead: Think about holidays, for example! You’ll be busy but you need your social media account to remain active, so use the slower seasons to schedule social media updates for the holidays.

There are a few solid social media scheduling solutions out there.

Get a More Comprehensive Dashboard

Once you are ready to launch your campaigns, you will want a solid dashboard where you can schedule posts, watch analytics, etc. There are plenty of options right now for a social media dashboard. I’m currently using Cyfe.

Set Smaller Goals and Build From There

When you are talking about a big business it is good to look at long term goals and then set milestones and plans to meet them. For small businesses that don’t have an entire marketing team and millions in the budget on hand, making smaller goals and focusing on those is a far better idea.

Set little milestones to work on and monitor your progress. For example, instead of saying, “I will have 10,000 followers by the end of the year on Instagram” try “I will grow by at least 100 followers per month.” If you overshoot it, hey… good for you.

Go To Where Your Customers Are

Guess what? The platform you chooses matters… a lot. Facebook, for example, is popular with people over the age of 30, particularly those over the age of 40. But if your target audience is under 25 you have next to no chance of reaching them there. They are almost entirely on Instagram and Snapchat.

The same goes for Twitter, which is becoming more a home of influencers than normal users. Where are the highest concentration of women? Pinterest. Where can you launch potentially viral content? Reddit. The list goes well beyond the basics and if you don’t know where your audience is hanging out then you won’t be able to reach them.

Quality Over Quantity (But Quantity, Too)

Striking a balance here can be really hard. On one hand, you want to be able to post often enough that your profile grows. But on the other, crappy content is still crappy content.

If you are just churning out useless posts like inspirational quotes or jokes, especially if you don’t have a fair amount of original content, you are nothing more than a glorified bot account. You may have noticed the best brand social media sites out there are the ones that manage to really engage with their customers. So post often, post consistently, but only post good stuff.

Don’t Get Too Bogged Down In Analytics

Analytics are helpful and most brands use them in order to measure their progress and results, while coming up with new campaigns using that data. They are great to have. But they are also not everything.

The truth is that unless you are a well versed social media mogul, you probably aren’t going to understand the majority of the figures analytics give you. The important ones are the more basic: growth over time and how it correlates with strategies in play at each peak. You may also be able to learn more about your demographic, such as when they are most active.

Learn the Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle is simple: for every 100 percent of your content, 80 percent should be engagement, 20 percent should be promotional.

See? Easy. I won’t even bother going further into it.

Think Visually

Another no brainer, visual content is pretty much the only way to go. It won’t make up all of what you post, but it should make up most of it.

Posts with visual media are more likely to be shared, commented on, saved and reach viral status. All of these are things you want, so invest most of your time in visual forms of social content.

Get Involved In the Community

This is one of the best things you can do. You are a local small business. You have ties to the community where you operate. So start getting involved: go to festivals, reach out to local news, engage with people via geolocation, get involved in local charities.

Have some actionable social media tips for small businesses looking to get into the game? Let us know in the comments!


10 Ideas for Communicating With Target Customers, Team Members and More

Communication is an incredibly important part of running a successful business. You need to be able to effectively communicate with your target customers and the members of your own team. But doing so requires a lot of skill and strategy.

This week, members of our small business community share tips for targeting your ideal customer, creating effective communication in the workplace and more.

Read on for a full list of valuable resources.

Use These Questions to Target Your Ideal Customer

In order to target your ideal customers, you first need to find out who he or she is. In this post, Brittany Taylor of See Britt Write shares a long list of 80 questions you can use to find out who your target customers are.

Create Effective Communication in the Workplace

If you want your business to succeed, you need to make sure that your team can work well together. And to do that, you need to create a system of effective communication in the workplace. Kelly Riggs of Business LockerRoom discusses the importance of effective communication at work, along with some tips for creating such an environment.

Make People Fall in Love With Your Online Store

Running an ecommerce business means you have to convince customers to fall in love with your store if you want them to shop with you again and again. Vanhishikha Bhargava of Exit Bee includes some tips for doing just that. And BizSugar members also share their input on the post here.

Make the Most of Marketing Automation

There are so many different services and processes out there today to help make your marketing tasks easier. But marketing automation isn’t a magic solution. Stacy Jackson of Jackson Marketing Services sharessome tips to ensure that your marketing automation actually increases the effectiveness of your overall marketing plan.

Add These Must Haves to Your About Page

Your about page is an important part of your website because it tells visitors and potential customers who you are and why they should want to work with you. This post by Crystal Rice of PixelSmith includes three must-haves to include on your about page for contractors, but most of the points are relevant to other industries as well.

Get Over These Self Publishing Obstacles

People come up with all kinds of excuses for not writing or publishing their own books. But self publishing is now easier than ever, thanks to platforms like Amazon Direct Publishing. Vinay Kachhara of Aha!NOW shares some reasons why you should get over those obstacles. And members of the BizSugar community also discuss the post here.

Check Out This Guide to Local SEO

When marketing a local business, it’s important that you make it as easy as possible for local customers to find you via search engines. If you’re starting a local business or just want to improve your local SEO strategy, check out this guide to local SEO by Chris Babajide on WP Site Updates.

Create a Call to Action That People Actually Click

So you’ve added a call to action on your website, but it’s not getting any results. There can be several reasons why your CTA isn’t getting the results you hoped for. This post by Nicole Dieker on KlientBoost includes some potential problems your call to action may have, along with ways to fix them. BizSugar members also share thoughts on the post here.

Keep Both Your Body and Your Biz in Shape

To have sustainable success in business, you also need to take care of your own health. And since January is a popular time for people to renew their health goals, this post by Nellie Akalp of CorpNet includes some tips for keeping both your body and your business in shape.

Don’t Be Fooled by Prior Business Models

When you’re running a startup, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a business model will work simply because it has worked in the past. But that isn’t a great strategy, as this post by Martin Zwilling on Startup Professionals Musings points out. You can also see discussion about the post in the BizSugar community.

If you’d like to suggest your favorite small business content to be considered for an upcoming community article, please send your news tips to:


Board exams set the base for successful life

Board Exams,Boards 2018,Studymate

The Class 10 and 12 Board examinations are, in many ways, among the most important milestones in the academic life of any student. The results of these examinations stay with students for life. They test not only the fundamentals of the students but also become the key factors in determining the course of their careers, according to a press release issued by Studymate.

The Studymate chain of learning centres in Delhi-NCR is conducting Road to Boards, a comprehensive programme to help students of Class 8th to 12th prepare and score more in the Board examinations.

Here is the second in a series of articles powered by Studymate in association with its Road to Boards programme. It focuses on the following reasons why board examinations deserve a serious approach:

1. A true measure of students’ merit

The Board examinations focus on evaluating students’ knowledge and understanding concepts. Students who score well in these usually have a strong grasp of the concepts. Most competitive exams test the ability of students to apply concepts. Without strong fundamentals, their ability to solve problems would be limited, which is why a thorough understanding of basic concepts is needed.

2. Class 10 Boards: Key to selecting the stream for higher education

Students have to choose a stream (Science, Commerce or Humanities) which they would like to pursue in senior school. Streams are allotted on the basis of the percentage score in Class 10 Board Exams. A high score can help students get the stream of their choice.

3. Class 12 Boards: Key to college admissions

Most higher education institutes, except Engineering and Medical, give very high weightage to the Board examination results. Every year, around 2.5 lakh students apply for admissions in Delhi University. Even for Engineering and Medical streams, it makes sense for students to keep their options open by scoring good marks in the Board examinations. A high percentage also gives students the advantage of pursuing undergraduate courses at leading universities in countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, United States and Britain.

4. Advantage for higher studies and professional career

Students with consistent academic performance are likelier to get admission in premier post graduate institutes or secure an opportunity to study abroad. The results of Board examinations also play a key role in the initial years of one’s career. Many leading organisations shortlist candidates for entry-level jobs on the basis of candidates’ educational record, which include Class 10 and 12 Board exam results.

“The entire process of preparing for the board examination, appearing for it as well as to handle the results, help in the students’ overall development by building their skills in planning, managing anxiety and dealing with the outcomes”, Arindam Lahiri, chief academic officer, Studymate, said, according to the press release.


SSC revises vacancy list for SI Delhi Police, CAPFs and ASI CISF examination 2017 @

SSC revises vacancy list for SI Delhi Police, CAPFs and ASI CISF examination 2017 @

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) SI Delhi Police/CAPFs and ASI CISF Examination 2017 revised vacancy list has been released by the Staff Selection Commission.

Candidates may check the notification on its official website –

SSC SI Delhi Police, CAPFs and ASI CISF result: Vacancy details

  • SI (Exe) Total Male vacancies: 616
  • Open: 548
  • Ex-Serviceman: 68
  • SI (Exe) Total Female vacancies: 256
  • Open: 256
  • SI (GD) Total M/F vacancies in CAPFs: 1292
  • CRPF: 374
  • BSF: 343
  • ITBP: 278
  • CISF: 88
  • SSB: 209
  • ASI (Exe) Total M/F Vacancies in CISF: 1200
  • ASI (Exe) male: 1080
  • ASI (Exe) female: 120

SSC SI Delhi Police, CAPFs and ASI CISF result: Major changes

  • 63 (sixty three) candidates who were earlier ‘Not selected’ have now qualified the said exam
  • 61 (sixty one) candidates who were earlier declared as ‘Selected’ do not now qualify the exam in the revised result
  • There has also been a change in the posts allocated to 84 candidates
  • With regard to female candidates, though there has been no change in their allocation to various posts, a change has been effected in their All India ranking

Along with releasing the Final Result for SSC SI Delhi Police, CAPFs and ASI CISF Exam 2017, the Commission also released the cut-off for each paper basis which the candidates have been shortlisted for the next round.

Accordingly, a total of 5076 candidates (4221 Male and 855 Female) were qualified for Document Verification of the said examination.